Acupuncture of Columbia, founded by Gina Butler, serves the Columbia, MO area. This acupuncture website project launched in the Summer of 2023, featuring overĀ 90 pages of content.

Acupuncture of Columbia website homepage

This acupuncture clinic website features over 80 pages of medical content. The importance of including this much content cannot be understated. Each page presents a unique opportunity for a prospective patient to find Gina’s acupuncture website. Every condition that Gina treats with acupuncture, micro-current therapy, or herbal medicine has its own page. The services offered at Gina’s acupuncture clinic also have their own pages for visitors to explore.

Gina’s conditions directory

Gina’s new acupuncture website is a magnet for new patient inquiries. She is earning new patients at her clinic by using our SEO protocols AND implementing irresistible new-patient specials.

Irresistible new acupuncture patient offer

On her new website, we offer expert advice on each condition page. Meaning, if a visitor visits the page for Bell’s Palsy, they will first be informed more about the condition and its treatments, then they will be enticed to book an appointment. Giving advice first is a critical way that ScaleSuite highlights Gina as an expert in the field.

Advice on each condition page

Not every website visitor has encountered acupuncture as a treatment before! We understand this, so we consistently win new patients over by highlighting some of the most impressive acupuncture healing stories we can find. This is an important factor in patient conversions. Leverage your reputation!

5-star reviews where they matter most

Our team at ScaleSuite also implemented Gina’s existing EMR for seamless appointment booking on her new website. This feature is vital nowadays! Patients are looking for convenience and instant gratitude when it comes to their healthcare. Taking the big leap to schedule an appointment is powerful.

24/7 booking system

With ScaleSuite’s dedication to providing accurate medical information and search engine optimized content, Gina’s new acupuncture website is dominating the search engine results in Columbia, MO.

Dominating the city of Columbia, MO!

Major takeaways from Gina Butler’s acupuncture website partnership with ScaleSuite

  • 90+ pages search engine ranking medical content
  • Outranking hospitals and orthopedic groups
  • Strong brand value is magnet for new patients
  • Proven authority displayed on website
  • Reviews plastered on offer pages = more conversions
  • 24/7 booking system, collecting up-front payments
  • Search Engine Optimized for more clicks

There is no excuse…

for TCM to remain behind western medicine digitally.