Acupuncture & Wellness Center, founded by Robert Doane, serves Seattle, WA and surrounding areas in their Poulsbo, WA clinic. ScaleSuite and Robert partnered in September of 2023. The new clinic website features an embedded EMR for client booking (Jane App), robust service offerings for optimized Google searches, targeted calls-to-action, and more!

Acupuncture & Wellness website homepage

This acupuncture clinic website features over 70 pages of medical content. That is 70 independent opportunities for prospective patients to find Robert’s acupuncture website. Every condition Robert treats at his acupuncture clinic has its own dedicated website page. Every service Robert offers has its own dedicated page as well.

Comprehensive conditions directory

Furthermore, his acupuncture clinic is actively targeting fifteen different geographical locations in Washington state. This means that patients from these cities have a much easier time finding his acupuncture clinic in online searches.

Bellevue WA is one of 15 locations targeted

The new acupuncture clinic website features irresistible new-patient specials that popup to attract new patients to the world of acupuncture. Getting the initial opportunity to serve new patients can prove to uncover a steady stream for future revenue.

New patient magnet offered

On his new website, Robert Doane is highlighted as an authoritative figure in the field of acupuncture. Ensuring every website visitor knows the expertise Robert has is important in converting visits into sales.

Introduction of authority to earn trust

In order to convert more skeptical website visitors into booked acupuncture patients, Robert’s new acupuncture website features hard-earned 5-star reviews on every page his offer exists. When prospective acupuncture patients see these success stories, it makes the process much easier to win them over as new acupuncture patients.

5-star reviews in site on every offer page

One of the most compelling features of Robert’s new acupuncture website is the integration with his booking system. Now, patients can book acupuncture appointments and pay for their slot ahead of time. This improves convenience for the patient and lowers no-show rates for the acupuncture clinic!

Booking system for 24/7 appointment scheduling

With ScaleSuite’s dedication to providing accurate medical information and search engine optimized content, Robert’s new acupuncture website is ranking impressively in fifteen different locations. The photo below is a city where the acupuncture clinic is not even located!

Ranked at the top of Google (example shows 1 of 15!)

Major takeaways from Robert Doane’s acupuncture website partnership with ScaleSuite

  • 70+ pages of SEO-optimized medical content
  • 15 targeted geographical locations
  • Brand attracts new patients
  • Authority converts more visitors into patients
  • Reputation makes the decision a no-brainer to become a patient
  • EMR system integration
  • Search Engine Optimized for more clicks

There is no excuse…

for TCM to remain behind western medicine digitally.